You’d better be giving EV charging stations a serious look!

As much as I’d love to drive a Hemi Challenger and feel the vibration in my rear end, those days are less and less when I want that. Love ’em or hate ’em, EVs are here to stay. Shell plans to increase its EV charging stations from 60,000 to 500,000 globally by 2025. No small commitment. As we know it’s more aggressive in Europe with EVs, but as this article in Convenience Store News, “Convenience Stores at a Crossroads” you can be part of the movement or you can watch it pass you by. You don’t have to love it but you’d probably better accommodate your customers! I’ll be the first to admit that some areas, cities, neighborhoods have more electric vehicles than others, but if the market is there, don’t be afraid to re-invent yourself.