Underground Storage Tank (UST) Information / FAQ

Information taken directly from EPA.gov.

Learn About USTs

  • Introduction to underground storage tanks
  • Benefits of preventing and cleaning up UST releases
  • UST Finder Web Map
  • UST Program Timeline

Meeting UST requirements

Regulatory resources for:

  • UST owners and operators
  • UST inspectors
  • States and territories

Preventing And Detecting Releases

  • Release prevention
  • Release detection
  • Delivery prohibition

Cleaning Up Releases

  • Introduction to cleaning up UST releases
  • Leaking UST corrective action resources
  • Petroleum brownfields
  • Petroleum vapor intrusion

USTs In Indian Country

  • Introduction to USTs in Indian Country
  • Training resources for tribes
  • Publications for tribes
  • Tribal data
  • UST and LUST Training

Emerging Fuels And USTs

  • Introduction
  • Compatibility requirements for storing biofuels
  • Regulatory requirements table
  • Corrosion issues in storing emerging fuels
  • Additional reading and resources

Frequently Asked Questions About Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

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Underground Storage Tank (UST) State Contacts