Hard Money

Hard Money Loan Program Highlights For Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Designed for businesses with little to no financials, underperforming sites and locations that require a fast close. Hard money or private money is a totally different type of financing. In years past, it was strictly based on the collateral value of the gas station, convenience store or truck stop. No credit was given for good will and full value was not usually given for equipment also.

Sometimes a lender may have a warehouse line with a bank or insurance company to do these private loans. Some were pooled funds. Some lenders were just wealthy individuals. We’ve closed with all sorts of hard money lenders. Some of them were even owners of junk yards or chicken farms!

Types Of Financing:


Loan Amounts:

$300,000 – $25,000,000


1,2,3 Year Terms / Interest Only

Interest Rate:

9 – 18%

Loan To Value:

40 – 65%


2 – 8 Points
1 Point Frequently Paid At Commitment


Owner Occupied Preferred
Three Years Industry Experience Preferred
Debt Service Can Be As Low As 1.0 : 1


First lien on land, building, equipment and inventory.                                                                 Personal guarantees frequently required.

Underwriting Timeline:

Loan decision usually made within two days after all requested information is received.  Closing is usually 10-21 days after receipt of third party reports but many loans closer quicker.

You can conveniently apply for a gas station loan with our online application.

You can also download our pdf application here.

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