About Us

In 1999, the company Commercial First Lending was created with the purpose of financing gas stations, convenience stores, truck stops and lube centers since the principals had been active in those businesses while in the insurance business.

After two years, it was determined that the name Commercial First Lending did not appear to have any connection to the petroleum business, so the name PetroMAC was created. Many know that the acronym MAC is an acronym for Mortgage Acceptance Corp, so the change was made.

PetroMAC has closed hundreds of gas station / C-store and truck stop loans and car washes, and to a lesser extent free standing restaurants, auto repair facilities and hotels over the years. We’ve used large commercial banks, small local banks, insurance carriers, hedge funds, credit unions, and every type of private lender imaginable for hard money or bridge funding.

Most of the deals we do are real estate deals, but we also do business only transaction. We’ve done quite a few equipment leasing transactions as well as cash flow loans, as well as MCA loans (Merchant Cash Advance Loans) for independent stations.

We do not operate from a centralized location. Most people associated with PetroMAC are former petroleum lenders, industry executives and upper management with large fuel distributorships and we all work from our homes.

We also provide advisory services for M&A activities and strategic business planning. We are also quite active in doing construction financing.

If you have additional questions, most are covered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.