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State Associations 

Alabama Grocers Association 
(205) 823-5498 
Petroleum & Convenience Marketers of Alabama 
(334) 272-3800 
Arkansas Grocers and Retail Merchants Association 
(501) 664-8680
Arkansas Oil Marketers Association 
(501) 374-6293 
Arizona Food Marketing Alliance 
(602) 252-9761 
Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association 
(480) 460-1561
California Grocers Association 
(916) 448-3545 
California Independent Grocers Association 
(916) 929-9741 
California Independent Oil Marketers Association 
(916) 646-5999 
Convenience and Neighborhood Store Association 
(916) 684-3516
National Korean-American Grocers Association 
(213) 388-0144 
Neighborhood Market Association 
(619) 464-8485
Colorado / Wyoming Petroleum Marketers 
(303) 422-7805 
Rocky Mountain Food Industry Association 
(303) 830-7001
Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association 
(860) 613-2041 
Delaware Food Industry Council 
(302) 325-4025
Florida Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association 
(850) 877-5178 
Georgia Association of Convenience Stores
(770) 736-9723 
Georgia Food Industry Association
(770) 438-7744 
Georgia Oilmen's Association
(770) 995-7570 
Hawaii Food Industry Association
(808) 533-1292 
Iowa Grocery Industry Association
(515) 270- 2628 
Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Stores of Iowa
(515) 224-7545 
Idaho Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association 
(208) 345-6632
Idaho Retailers Association 
(208) 342-0010 
Illinois Association of Tobacco & Candy Distributors
(217) 535-1055
Illinois Food Retailers Association
(630) 627-8100 
Illinois Petroleum Marketers
(217) 544-4609 
National Automatic Merchandising Association 
(312) 346-0370 
Indiana Grocery and Convenience Store Association
(317) 684-5409 
Indiana Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association
(317) 633-4662 
Kansas Food Dealers Association
(913) 384-3838
Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Association of Kansas 
(785) 233-9655 
Kentucky Association of Convenience Stores, Inc.
(502) 696-9153 
Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Assocations 
(502) 875-3738 
Kentucky Retail Federation
(502) 875-1444 
Louisiana Oil Marketers & Convenience Store Association
(225) 926-8300 
Louisiana Retailers Association
(225) 344-9481 
Independent Oil Marketers Association of New England
(225) 926-8300 
New England Convenience Store Association
(781) 297-9600 
Mid-Atlantic Food Dealers Association
(410) 377-3200 
Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association
(410) 349-0808 
Maine Grocers Assocation
(207) 622-4461 
Maine Oil Dealers Association
(207) 729-5298 
Associated Food & Petroleum Dealers
(248) 671-9600 
Convenience Store Association of Michigan
(517) 485-5536 
Michigan Food and Beverage Association
(586) 393-8800 
Michigan Grocers Association
(517) 372-6800 
Michigan Petroleum Association 
(517) 622-3530 
Minnesota Grocers Association
(651) 228-0973 
Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association
(651) 484-7227 
Minnesota Service Station Association
(651) 487-1983 
Mid-America Grocers Association
(314) 481-2117
Missouri Grocers Association
(417) 831-6667 
Missouri Petroleum Marketers Convenience Store Association
(573) 635-7117 
Mississippi Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Association
(610) 353-1624 
Montana Food Distributors Association
(406) 449-6394 
Montana Petroleum Marketers and C-Store Association
(406) 449-4133
North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers Association
(919) 782-4411 
North Dakota Grocers Association 
(701) 223- 4106
North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association 
(701) 223-3370 
Nebraska Grocery Industry Association
(402) 423-5533
Nebraska Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Association Inc
(402) 474-6691 
New Hampshire Retail Grocers Association
(603) 669-9333 
Fuel Merchants Association Of New Jersey
(973) 467-1400 
New Jersey Food Council
(609) 392-8899 
New Mexico Grocers Association
(505) 888-1812 
New Mexico Oil & Gas Association
(505) 982-2568 
New Mexico Petroleum Marketers Association 
(505) 293-6250
Nevada Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association 
(775) 398-3000
Retail Association of Nevada
(775) 882-1700 
Empire State Petroleum Association Inc
(518) 449-0702 
Food Industry Alliance of New York State, Inc 
(518) 434-1900 
New York Association of Convenience Stores
(518) 478-0458 
East Central Ohio Food Dealers Association
(330) 494-2302 
Ohio Grocers Association
(614) 442-5511 
Ohio Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association
(614) 947-8646 
The Ohio Council of Retail Merchats & Affiliates
(614) 221-7833 
Oklahoma Grocers Association
(405) 525-9419 
Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers and C-Store Association
(405) 842-6625 
Oklahoma Wholesale Marketers Association 
(405) 812-7667 
Northwest Grocery Association
(503) 685-6293 
Oregon Neighborhood Store Association
(503) 316-9638 
Oregon Petroleum Association
(503) 670-1777 
Pennsylvania Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association
(717) 902-0210 
Pennsylvania Food Merchants
(800) 543-8207 
Rhode Island Food Dealers Association
(401) 431-0880 
South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores
(803) 419-0804 
South Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association
(803) 765-9570 
South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association
(605) 224-8606 
Tennessee Fuel & Convenience Store Association
(615) 242-4377 
Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association
(615) 889-0136 
Texas Grocery and Convenience Association 
(512) 926-9285 
Texas Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association
(512) 476-9547 
Texas Restaurant Association
(512) 457-4100 
Utah Food Industry Association
(801) 973-9517 
Utah Petroleum Marketers Association
(801) 521-8340
Western Petroleum Marketers Association
(801) 263-9762 
Virginia Gasoline Marketers Council
(804) 643-0817 
Virginia Petroleum, Convenience & Grocery Association 
(804) 282-7534 
Vermont Fuel Dealers Association
(802) 485-7999
Vermont Grocers Association
(802) 839-1928 
Washington Association of Neighborhood Stores
(360) 923-5466
Washington Food Industry Association
(360) 753-5177 
Washington Oil Marketers Association 
(206) 463-2314 
Wisconsin Grocers Association Inc.
(608) 244-7150 
Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Association
(608) 256-7555 
West Virginia Oil marketers and Grocers Association
(304) 343-5500 
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