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There are tons of gas stations and convenience stores for sale but where can I get a gas station loan?

July 18th, 2024

Specialty financing, specifically gas station / convenience store / truck stop financing is unique and requires a complete understanding of the attributes of the industry including:

  • Regulatory compliance,  
  • Economics of the fuel markets,  
  • Environmental issues,
  • Fuel supply agreement issues,
  • In-store vendor agreement issues,
  • Rebate negotiations,   
  • Inventory management

PetroMAC has been working with clients on these issues for over 20 years and helps to find the best lenders that have a working knowledge of the retail petroleum industry.

gas station loan

The majority of the national banks, regional banks and non-bank lenders all have strong backgrounds in providing residential mortgage lending for both single family and multifamily properties. They also have industry focused lending in healthcare, agriculture and industrial among others. But there are very few national banks, regional banks or non-bank lenders who will lend to the convenience store and retail petroleum industry due to its complexities noted above.    

PetroMAC has done hundreds of gas stations loans and 90% of the transactions we’ve done have been in this asset class.  We also do car washes, auto repair facilities and other special purpose facilities including hotels, and restaurants.

Types of financing we facilitate: 

  • Acquisitions: Both single stores and portfolios
  • Refinancing
  • Construction
  • Improvements / Expansions / Renovations
  • Adding New Equipment
  • Expanding services (food services, car wash, service center)

Types of financing available:

In addition, we provide consultative services to fully analyze your business and provide recommendations on how to:

  • Increase your revenues by developing focused marketing programs both in store and through social media
  • Decrease expenses through vendor management program implementation

At PetroMAC we’re the ones still standing after  20+ years of specializing in in retail petroleum / C&G financing.

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