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Investor Purchase Document Checklist

Transaction Summary

PetroMAC Loan Questionnaire
Executive Summary (Purpose of loan with history of business)
Estimated Usage Of Proceeds
Purchase Agreement (Signed and executed)
Interior and Exterior Color Photos of Property
Copy of Recent Appraisal, Environmental Report and Survey (if available)
Copies of Lease

Borrower/Buyer Information

Personal Financial Statement (PFS) dated within 30 days (for all who own 20% or greater)
Schedule of Real Estate holdings with debt schedule
Last Three Years Personal Federal Tax Returns - All Schedules (for all who own 20% or greater)
Last Three Years Business Federal Tax Returns - All Schedules (for all who own 20% or greater)
Last Three Years Profit/Loss Statements
Current Year To Date Profit/Loss Statement with Balance Sheet
Copy of drivers license, social security card or passport and green card front & back (if applicable)
Gallonage for all affiliates for past three years and Year To Date (if applicable)
Last three months bank statements (or who source of equity infusion)

Seller Information

Last three years business tax returns
Last three years profit/loss statements
Current year-to-date profit/loss statement with balance sheet
Gallonage for past three years and year-to-date
List of assets/equipment to be purchased

 ** This is not a complete list of documents that will be required for underwriting and closing.

To prequalify for financing, download the following forms and provide the following information and fax to (202) 478-1811 or email to

  1. PetroMAC Loan Request Form (You can also submit online here)
  2. Completed Tri-Merged Credit Report or Credit Authorization
  3. 2013 Business Financials (Seller / Borrower, if available)
  4. 2014 Year-To-Date Business Financials (Seller / Borrower, if available)
  5. Last Three Years Fuel Gallonage (Seller / Borrower)

So what are you waiting for? You can convenienently apply online for a loan here or download the prequalification form here.  First time inquiries should inquire at  Let us prove to you that PetroMAC truly "pumps capital into YOUR C-store."












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